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Pterygium (growth on the eyeball)

A Pterygium (growth on the eyeball) commonly known as surfer’s eye, most often refers to the benign growth of the conjunctiva. The Pterygium commonly grows from the nasal side of the sclera and is usually present in the palpebral fissure. In some cases a Pterygium can grow large enough to cover the entire pupil. It is associated with the exposure of ultraviolet-light, dust and low humidity. At The EyeExperts, outpatient surgery is available for the removal of the Pterygium.

Dr. Sudarshan is an expert in amniotic membrane grafting to restore the normal anatomy of the eye in patients needing Pterygium surgery.

What Are The Symptoms of Pterygium?

• Redness on and around the conjunctiva.

• Growth on the cornea.

• Red triangle-shaped thickening.

• Discoloration of the conjunctiva.