What Type of LASIK Should you Get?

July 25, 2018 by The Eye Experts

LASIK SURGEON Rio Grande Valley Brownsville and Weslaco TxWhen you decide to get LASIK, it’s essential to get the right treatment done to address your blurry vision. There are different types of LASIK to consider. When you consider getting a job in a field that requires excellent vision such as NASA or in an air force then opting for iLASIK is the best solution you can decide to choose. Are you worried that you don’t know anything about iLASIK? Don’t worry this post will tell you all you need to know about the type of laser eye surgery.
What you need to know
Before you make the decision, it’s important to know everything you can about iLASIK. Let’s start with the basics: what exactly is iLASIK?
In the simplest terms, this corrective surgery is known to be specific to each eye characteristics, and it could work with almost any eye condition that you may be facing. In essence, it not only corrects your vision but it also betters it significantly.
The reason that iLASIK is said to be much better than your standard corrective eye surgery is that it aims in progressing the more significant areas of vision and targets fixing even the most minor of problems you may be dealing with. This makes the surgery far more successful and helps you acquire perfect sight along with minimum recovery time. That is usually why it is considered as a better option for when you’re considering a job which requires perfect vision.
How does it work?
iLASIK is considered to be better than your traditional laser eye surgery because it significantly increases your chances of getting excellent eyesight. That’s often because of the procedure that is carried out to ensure that the vision is worked on properly. To make sure that happens, surgeons start by taking pain-free measurements using 3D captures. This makes sure that even the most minor faults are noticed and dealt with. This allows custom fitting through the map created from the 3D. Later the 3D base helps to make a corneal flap of the mapping using high-frequency laser light pulses which is known to be much safer than other methods.
It’s only after this that the corneal flap is fitted using another laser and tested through technology to keep track of the eye movements and performance. This technology is also known to perform the iris registration as well. The procedure can immediately address any eye movements and gives you perfected and specific results.
Because it’s custom prepared for each specific eye, it’s a much better option than simple LASIK and patients that undergo this surgery can get jobs that require excellent eyesight. The main reason for this is that it addresses even the most minor concerns and affects the way your vision improves. For that to happen, make sure you go to a professional and understand the post-surgery precautions to make sure the recovery process goes as smoothly as possible.

If you live in the Brownsville or Weslaco area be sure to request your free LASIK consultation to see how iLASIK can improve your quality of life. 

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